I saw a really cool Tweet from Tinie Tempah last week….

“Anyone can be anything they want in this world, especially on Instagram.” Now this of course is open for interpretation, either positive or negative, however this is my blog so I’m gonna have my say 😉

I viewed this statement as both positive and negative. We show the world what we want them to see, highlights, special effects ‘aka’ filters, but we also have the power to be whoever we want to be a singer, songwriter, actor the list goes on.

This blog post is not to point fingers or to paint myself in a ‘righteous light’, because believe me I love a good filter and Social Media will be the first to know when I witness or experience something great. But this is not about that.

I entitled this post #NoFilterNeeded because for me not every day is a highlight , a ‘Superstar’ moment (as I’d like to call it) or even something worth sharing…or is it?

This morning I woke up for my 9 – 5, sat down at my desk and battled with those same ‘I’m not supposed to be here’ demons again. After about an hour of unproductive internal conversation, I tried to be interested by the days content and tried to create a fun learning experience out of it. I text my husband a few ‘uncontrollable crying’ emojis, to which he responded ‘Can’t wait to see you babe’, I smiled and continued on with my day. As I daydreamed about music throughout my lunch and for the remainder of my sentenced hours (drama queen I know), the workload only became more and more irritating. I probably annoyed a colleague or two with the amount of smoke coming from my nostrils, but they get me…I hope.

As 16.59pm approached, my jacket was on and I was out the door!

Reader: Thank you for sharing such a boring story Jamie, what was the point in that?!

Jamie: Well I am so glad you asked!

Today has been pretty average thus far, but as life goes many days are. I wanted to share this because as a singer, songwriter and dreamer I so often feel like Clark Kent with no access to a single jheri curl or a pair of high tech disguise glasses. Like life is going nowhere and that this is it. Doomed.

What I didn’t tell you is that today, in the midst of my boredom and hunger for music I made a decision that whenever I got a melodic or lyrical idea, I’d pop out to the “loo” and sing it into my phone. Whenever I felt discouraged about what I was doing, I thought about the scripture ‘All things work together for my good’. And whenever I felt alone, I heard ‘Can’t wait to see you babe’.

So I share this story as it requires no filter, because someone, somewhere in the world may have had a below average day just like me. But be it, lunch breaks writing memos of great ideas towards your new project or as you train to be a comedian you make your colleagues laugh all day (Random I know, but that’s the way of Jamie’s’ mind)…there is always room for your dream.

I encourage you to share more of your random, difficult or plain old boring days…you never know who you may inspire!

Thank you for reading and have an above average week! I’m off to decipher these mumble jumble voice notes and see if I can turn it into a song!


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